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Project Description

Launching Global Freedom University into Your Home

Global Freedom Movement is a grassroots community created on a shoestring budget and fuelled by the passion and dedication of its two intrepid founders Brendan D. Murphy and Aimee Devlin.

With over 20 years of study, experience, and investigative work between us, we act as authors, independent alternative media, educators, activists, exposers of corruption, and, above all, warriors of truth.

Right now, as your “outsourced awareness,” we recognize that a very specific need has arisen, and  we’re asking you to help us to serve you and your children – our future – even more powerfully.

We invite you to be a founder of Global Freedom University: an online portal for structured (and addictive!) multidimensional learning covering twelve vital core topics – all in one convenient, easy-to-use location.

We collectively need a hub, a point of orientation, and intelligent direction for empowering conscious people like you on all levels of your being – and we are building that hub!

This is a job we were born for and are uniquely qualified for because of our broad spectrum awareness, large “bandwidth,” and the potent platform of Global Freedom Movement.

It’s not a coincidence that Brendan’s first book synthesising science and spirituality has been viewed by some as an essential “reference book” for both educators and students in the relevant fields, and suggested as potential study material for undergraduate psychology students.

They say that two heads are better than one, and combined, we are definitely greater than the sum of our parts!

Enrolling today as a Global Freedom University Founder will ensure your place not only in history as a pioneer of the new paradigm, but will also ensure you’re immortalised on our honour roll, and that you are heavily rewarded for supporting us in making it happen. These are rewards that won’t be available to those who enrol when the campaign ends.

We can’t do this without you.

Our gratitude is and will always be colossal, because you took a chance and believed in us. Rest assured, as time goes on you’ll be really, really glad that you took the plunge when you did. We have so many goodies up our sleeve to make this even better for you in the coming months and years.

The more funds we raise, the faster this can happen!

Global Freedom University is a real solution to the information overload, propagation of false narratives, and lack of direction that plagues the “truth movement” and the organic awakening of humanity.  

We understand we are not just “fighting something” – we are consciously evolving beyond it and creating something new.

The Global Freedom University curriculum will clearly demonstrate how humanity got to this precarious place, and what we can all do about it right NOW.

It’s not just information. Our solution is real, coordinated, logical, rational and directed. We‘ll break down twelve complex and vast realms into strategic chunks for easy integration.

And it all starts with each one of us!

Global Freedom University is the first of its kind.

A multi-dimensional learning (and social) portal where you will explore broad-spectrum, life-enhancing and myth-busting resources covering the most important subjects for accelerating and refining your awareness and the global awakening.

This is more than just information; it’s a “blueprint for living” to elevate human consciousness and infiltrate the collective mind. This will not only change things for yourself, but for everyone.

You choose what, when and how you learn.

Absorb powerful information from various leaders in their fields and be a more effective change agent than ever before.

We’ll also show you how to go about making valuable and life-altering changes in your day-to-day life which will give the people around you permission to do the same.

Monkey see awakening, monkey DO awakening!

As a Global Freedom University founder, your benefits are extra special, and your rewards will reach far into the future. We know this project is just the beginning of something memorable – and our immense gratitude for your assistance in these early stages will not go unnoticed.

Navigate easy-to-follow lessons, audio and video interviews (and transcripts), essays, scientific articles, insights, meditations, reading recommendations and more.

With your financial support we will:

  • build the game-changing online Global Freedom University portal
  • upgrade our GFM Media equipment
  • create a mobile studio set
  • bring our video content up to a professional standard
  • bring our work right into the comfort of countless truth-starved homes (and lounge rooms!)
  • develop a team of teacher-collaborators for the University portal

Global Freedom University will plug you into a true “amphibious” movement of awakened like-minded men and women who network and function in both the cyber world and the “real” world.  

Since Global Freedom Movement began, we’ve linked arms with some potent and thought-provoking people, hosted events, conducted over 60 interviews with various experts, and built a cool substance-based indymedia website full of high quality research and activism material.

In case you’re wondering who has graced the Global Freedom Movement Media stage so far, the faces below are just a few of those we have interviewed…

  • Bernie Siegel – spiritual holistic doctor,
  • Dr Judy Mikovits – government whistleblower,
  • Kip Anderson – Cowspiracy producer,
  • Erich von Daniken – godfather of the “ancient aliens” theory,
  • Dane Wigington – geoengineering expert,
  • Dr Andrew Wakefield – VAXXED director,
  • Nick Good – personal development wizard,
  • Max Igan – popular social commentator and activist, and many more.

Alternative media interviews and indy news isn’t enough. Global Freedom University portal will pull the broad spectrum of information together into a coherent, accessible whole – so you can truly implement it. GFM Media will still go on, but as a subset of the University portal, giving “alternative/independent media” its rightful place within a bigger picture.

The ability to actually IMPLEMENT this and ground it in reality makes us truly unique.

In a world fractured by “specialisation,” we’ve become adept at focussing on specific topics and ignoring the rest.  This fragmentation of awareness has been a major part of our collective downfall.

The topics covered in the curriculum of Global Freedom University will help you transform your own life and awareness, as well as
humanity at large.
No more complaining about the “elite” that control us.

It is time for us to change direction and remap human consciousness. We’re not waiting for permission.

The Global Freedom Movement Media archive – featuring over 60 interviews – will always be available for free public access.

Additional extended versions of our interviews will be shared with you in our private students’ only classroom. (You’ll also get some outtakes and “deleted scenes” if you’re lucky!)

Get up close and personal with our interviewees. Soak up their powerful insight and advice, including action steps to implement in your own life.

This is a level of access rarely provided in similar forums.

For three years we have created excellent content that helps you help yourself (and transform life on earth) at no cost. Expanding our vision means graduating from our shoestring budget.

Imagine what we can create with real material support and input from our global community!

If you can help us go (to infinity and) beyond with our initial funding goal, it will allow us to kickstart the university with a bang, enabling us to create more course content for you, quicker. We’ll also be able to begin our very exciting socially-oriented Phase 2 that much sooner. (And with any luck, Brendan will return to finishing his much-awaited second book!

Global Freedom Movement totally respects your privacy and we are fully transparent in who we are and what we do. Integrity and honesty are crucial to us and this movement.

Unlike mainstream media and educational platforms, we are not paid (or threatened) to advocate a certain idea or agenda, and resultantly, most of our opinions differ sharply from those in mainstream news media. (In fact, a significant part of our work is deconstructing deceptive media narratives and offering an antidote to the misinformation.)

Create the University with us, get powerfully interconnected with other social alchemists, and play an instrumental role in bringing the bigger vision to life. It can only happen with you!

Become an ally of this project (and therefore humanity) and pick your reward.

Since consciousness is the new ‘cool’, you’ll be earning extra street cred with the cool kids in no time. The more you contribute, the more bang for your revolutionary buck.

Our interactive multimedia will keep you busy upgrading for hours, and for Earth Warriors, the DNA/kundalini activation will take you to a whole new level of self-mastery and health. The folks back home will wonder where all that enlightened badassery suddenly came from (and that’s when you tell ‘em you’re a Global Freedom University founder). Boom!

All packages come with our sincere thanks for getting this important initiative going, and helping do something to make a real difference.

Many times our impact on the world is invisible, but Global Freedom University will help you track that impact – and magnify it!

Having strong community ties and engaging in intentional/directed activity is known to foster greater happiness and health, so you can say goodbye to “angry/frustrated/exasperated truthing” and say hello to your cool, new, conscious family.

As a truly holistic enterprise, learning at Global Freedom University will facilitate your service to humanity on multiple levels. For instance, learn:

  • The science of consciousness,
  • Superior natural health remedies and super-nutrition,
  • What the hell is happening on this crazy-ass planet of ours,
  • How and where to get your DNA activated and pain body healed,
  • About life after death,
  • How to be more eco-friendly,
  • About ufology, MILABs, and “aliens”,
  • How to identify political (or other) propaganda and/or disinformation,
  • Where to place your finances, energies and resources in order to rebel effectively,
  • About a range of important and provable conspiracies that affect YOU and those you care about (and learn the solutions!),
  • Which dangerous and/or unnecessary medical interventions to avoid,
  • How to reduce your exposure to enviro-toxins,
  • About alternative building and going off-grid,
  • Who secretly manipulates public perception and behaviour and HOW,
  • How cultural forces have structured your concepts of yourself, your roles, and your relationships,
  • How to gain freedom from self-deception and coercion, and understand who and what you are (such self- knowledge is inherently important),
  • How to examine critically,
  • and much more…

Defining a new “normal” makes it acceptable to challenge the status quo, depart from established dogmas (and “alternative” dogmas), and create a free and clean new world absent of the tyranny of conformity and our many other ills.

Did you know? Global Freedom University can be used as an uncensored, unbiased homeschooling resource for awakened parents.

Your support means we can allocate more time to developing age-specific homeschooling materials – and ultimately a fully-fledged curriculum. After all, the cliche nailed it: children are our future.

We need to nurture them instead of squeezing their minds into the puny statist box of Empire and its mindless violence, economic acquisition, and expansionism.

Convinced you know it all already?

Think about that one person in your life you’ve been nagging to tune into our media. Why not gift them a place in Global Freedom University so they can get up to speed?

There’s no substitute for the gift of awareness.

Self-directed learning is the pursuit of happiness.

As you can imagine, working full-time with no remuneration presents certain challenges and, ironically, has made it harder for us to bring you the next level inspiration we have put together!

Global Freedom Movement is a labour of love and has been financed entirely by us (and minimal gracious donations) since we began. If we weren’t committed and adaptable, we would have already failed. We never monetized our website by selling ads or charging for our content – we didn’t want to do that.  

A crossroads has now been reached and a new direction is needed to ground our titanic vision in this reality. Expansion of Global Freedom Movement is reliant on community support and building a solid team of collaborators who create independent, solution-focused content for you.

Your funding will allow it into being and make Global Freedom Movement truly sustainable.

Whatever sum we receive, know that it will be gratefully and humbly received, and used for the development of Global Freedom Movement’s work.

The more support we receive, the sooner we can bring you more content, and the more help we will be.

Our CURRENT monthly expenses for Global Freedom Movement are outlined below. These expenses will expand into other areas and increase dramatically when Global Freedom University is launched:

If you’re unable to contribute financially to our campaign at this stage, don’t despair! Please know that there are numerous valuable ways to align with us and help us knock this right out of the park. We’re not all about money either, and in the spirit of “non-consumerism,” we’d happily make use of pre-loved gear in good condition rather than spend truckloads on new stuff!We know you may have skills or equipment to offer in service to the cause. We’d love assistance in the following areas:

  • Social media strategy, content creation, and sharing
  • Kickass web developer with vision and ridiculously awesome coding skills
  • Graphic designer
  • Editor with a keen eye (even keener than Brendan’s!)
  • Illustrator/Cartoonist
  • Studio equipment (and/or a studio space) to take our interviews up a notch
  • An Apple laptop for Brendan (so he can upgrade his dinosaur!)
  • Launch Party venue hire
  • Donate your favourite books for our ever-expanding minds to read
  • Host us whilst we do an event in your community
  • A donation of land – or let us lease it from you
  • Assist with design, photography or video production tasks
  • Assist with I.T. tasks, upgrades, etc.
  • Assist with networking

When sharing or backing our campaign, you become our Ambassadors. This program is available to anyone who decides to share the love about our campaign, including regular people, bloggers, businesses, and journalists. It’s our way of saying thank you to you.

If you’d like Ambassador status, please jump on board. Help us share this campaign far and wide, and we’ll add you to the Ambassador page on our website.

Getting the word out to fellow “alternative” thinkers helps enormously!

We are looking for “Natural Networkers” to help us launch Global Freedom University. Will you accept the challenge and help us reach the campaign goal of $7,000 in the next 30 days? By reaching out to your in-person and online networks and contacts, you can help us access those who will appreciate the leading-edge information we share.

We’ll supply you with the resources, tools, text, memes you’ll need, and make it simple for you!

Interested? Write to us at with subject line “Natural Networker“.

Do you know someone looking to bring to life a similar vision as we are? We’d love to connect with like-minded, entrepreneurially-spirited people and businesses who would benefit from an alliance with Global Freedom Movement.

If you have a community, email list/database that would be excited to hear about our campaign, please, go ahead! If you need any assistance with email copy, please contact us at with subject line “GFU Partner” and we will help you out.

Do you know any parents struggling to find quality independent information and resources for their children’s homeschooling? Please share this campaign with them.

Sharing personally on social media with a heartfelt paragraph about how Global Freedom Movement has impacted your life will seriously expand our campaign’s reach, so please get sharing!

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